We refresh old stuff, discarded materials and otherwise useless objects, upcycling them into new original products!

We keep our designs simple, functional and durable. We take our time in hand-making each product and we are happy to share our methods with others to build upon a common knowledge base. We prioritize sustainability by reducing waste, energy use and resources. Most of our products are made with reclaimed materials, but when we need anything else, we work with small local providers to minimize our ecological impact. We try to keep it fair for everybody, balancing individual, socio-cultural, and environmental needs.

Our reflexion on the capitalistic dynamics of our lives

We live in a big nonsense. We were born in this system and we are used to it, it seems normal, it seems right. Progress and industrialisation have led us to it, and it's convenient to stay in. Many people realise that we aren't doing things right, but they don't quite know what's going on and most think it's pointless to try and fight it.

The truth is that there are all kinds of evil powers controlling almost everything in our lives, and it's difficult to avoid them, because they're everywhere (think of big corporations, mass media, banks, governments....). Sadly, they only exist because we let them, accepting their rules and playing along with their game.

But it has gone too far, and we choose not to accept this nonsense anymore. It's all a matter of choice: Start by changing your mind, take control of your life and refuse everything that simply doesn't make sense. We need to adapt our lifestyles back to sustainable (and happier) levels. Yes, we could be happier. We could work less. We could enjoy more. We could harm less and feel better. We short-sightedly chase after money and material goods forgetting that what we really need is a little bit of peace, a good dinner, and some clean air to breathe.

By participating in this system as customers, we are contributing to the destruction of the environment, promoting inequality and misery amongst the weakest. And all for the sake of the "economy" and the profit of a few. But without us, the whole thing crumbles. Together, we have the power to change how things work. And we need to do it as soon as possible, for ourselves and for the many other inhabitants of this world. Our future is at stake.

It is difficult, yes, but we think it's worth a try. The movement to make the world a better place has already started, and we want to be part of it.

That's what Refresh is all about: Stop, think, and start again. This time we'll do a better job.

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