Levitating note book

A few years ago I was in need of a blank notebook, so I looked in the stores for one with no bells and whistles but couldn't find the right one. However, I found a tutorial on the internet about book binding - and I really liked the idea of making one by myself.

So I gave it a try and - for the first book - it turned out pretty good. I must admit that you could see a few mistakes here and there but I liked it anyway, it was unique and handmade.

The last few weeks, I learned more about book binding and I found a great tutorial by Sea Lemon on YouTube.
This time, our books must be made of recycled materials, such as old and loose paper, cardboard and fabric. But we believe that the possibilities are still endless.
So I bound a few more books to get the technique right and eliminate the mistakes which I made the first time - and I can finally say that I am proud of the books I make.
The next step will be trying new techniques and different materials to bind even more individual notebooks. It's amazing how much I found out already about the creation of books. There is a great world to dive into.
Handmade and recycled book

Handmade and recycled book

And I am always getting excited about finishing another book. Each of them is unique and I am really looking forward for people filling them with their own thoughts, poems, scribbles, drawings and stories.

stack of recycled and handmade books



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