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Some weeks ago, I read this article on treehugger about cheap sustainable living tactics. Almost at the end, the author mentioned Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap, which they used to clean the house, in the shower (body and hair) and even to brush their teeth. This multi-purposeness caught my attention in the first place. I like the idea of having just one product for everything and forget about all the different specific soaps we use. Also, Dr. Bronner's soap is concentrated and can be diluted for its different uses, which means it will last longer and you'll be saving money.

So I decided to do some research on my own and I was pleasantly surprised as I discovered more and more interesting facts about this mysterious magic soap:

They make "Pure Castile Soap", a simple but very versatile product that's been made for centuries. All their soaps are eco-friendly: made with organic, natural and fair trade ingredients, 100% vegan and non-GMO. What more can you ask for a soap? Even the bottles are made of recycled plastic. They have different scented soaps, such as peppermint, rose, eucalyptus, jasmine or lavender to name a few. 

Dr. Emmanuel Bronner, son and grandson of master soapmakers, emigrated from Germany to the US in 1929 and founded Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps in 1948. His family runs the company to this day, and even though they are big now, they haven't sold out and still follow a strict ethical code: They have an elevated social and corporate responsibility (they treat their employees fairly), they support fair trade, and they fight for causes like legalization of hemp production (their soap contains hemp oil), animal rights, and labeling of genetically engineered foods (they've donated lots of money for this).


What's with the wacky labels?

Emmanuel Bronner was an eccentric character. He didn't have an easy life and he was even (shortly) committed to a mental institution in 1945. He had early ecological and progressive values, but he eventually became obsessed about spreading his philosophy. He emphatically believed that we are all children of the same divine source, and that we must all realize we are “All-One!” or we will otherwise destroy ourselves. He even wrote a peace plan called "The Moral ABC" for uniting all humans on Spaceship Earth. His messages were and continue to be printed on every label of Dr.Bronner's Magic Soaps. Some of them are a awkwardly religious, but the man sure had good intentions… He was proclaiming love, peace, and unity for all, and that's something I believe in!

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I invite you to visit their official website if you're still curious and want to learn more.


My personal experience with Dr. Bronner's

I found all this so fascinating, that I had to try for myself. Dr. Bronner's sells mainly in North America, but they have a few European distributors. We were lucky to be in Berlin, so I easily found a local seller and went there with Eric the next day. We got a medium sized eucalyptus soap bottle. They were very nice, and gave us some samples of the other soap varieties. They also had bar soap, body lotions and balms.

I first washed my hands with just one drop. I rubbed them a little and it quickly foamed… Then, after rinsing, my hands felt kind of dry of extreme cleanliness. It was a weird sensation but all in all I would describe it as a nice hand washing experience. The natural scent of eucalyptus is awesome, and it's mixed with the smell of what I identified as "Real Soap" because it brought back memories of those white soap bars my grandma used to make. That's the traditional Castile soap (from Castilla, Spain), similar to the famous Marseille soap.

So far I've used it as shower gel and shampoo with satisfying results, and as toothpaste, with foamy weird tasting results. Bottle still looks pretty full... I also wanna test it for house cleaning, laundry and dishes. Here are 14 more things you can do with it.


I think I've wrote the word "soap" more times in this article than I have in my entire life. So that´s enough soap for today, folks. 

Summing it all up, I recommend Dr.Bronner's for everyone to try!




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