We live in a consumer society - and companies, mass media and the governments push us to consume more in order to keep the economy flourishing.

However, we should not simply throw away things that are still intact just in order to make space for the latest trend. We are not only spending great amounts of money but also polluting our environment. I am always surprised when my mother and grandmother tell me (especially after Christmas) what things they find at their work on a recycling yard: cameras, radios, mp3-player, smart phones etc. and many of them are not even slightly broken or could be very easily repaired. Sadly much of the electronic scrap got there because a small part broke or because the technology is out of date. It's ridiculous but at least it's going to be recycled...

The root of this problem is our behaviour, it's easy to blame the companies and others. They just do their thing because most of us let it happen. Many people already have figured this out but we need more people to understand what we can do to form a better future.

That's why we brought Refresh into existence. We want to do our part and work for a sustainable future. We are not here to make big money since we believe it is not an important thing to live a happy life. In fact, if money wasn't an issue, we would still want to do this!

So we want to share with you what we know but we are also open to your thoughts and ideas. We are not alone and don't have to go separately.



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