Dear friends of ReFresh, today we present this new category in our blog, where we'll keep you updated on what's going on in our crazy Lab.
Because there's always something cooking at ReFresh, things such as new products, ideas, concepts and so on. We like to experiment and explore different possibilities that help us learn and improve every day. Doing this is kind of a necessary step, because it allows us to test materials, processes, tools... and at the same time leaves us room to make mistakes and correct them before our ideas turn into actual products. Some of them will never make it, others are just for fun, or are personal projects. But we think we got some stuff laying around that's well worth sharing.

So, a quick update on what's been cooking :)

  • The MoonLamp: this is one of my favorite ideas. We came up with it quite long ago, but is still in an early stage of development. We are careful and go slow, because we really want to get this right!. As you may have guessed, The MoonLamp is gonna be a lampshade, one for the main light in a room. It's gonna be a white sphere, possibly with a lunar texture, and it's going to GLOW in the dark. Imagine going to bed and having your own tiny shiny moon hanging up there! And when the light's on, it's like a tiny Sun that charges the phosphorescent effect for the moon! We made a prototype with paper-mache: Toilet paper together with a mix of white glue and water, wrapped around a beach ball. Then we let it dry, remove the ball and the basic structure was there. Surprisingly sturdy and even with lumps, it resembles the moon's craters. Here's Eric applying a really shitty glow-in-the-dark paint that didn't really work. Our next guess being to get a better paint or spray-painting it.
    If you like the MoonLamp, keep tuned to see how we figure it out!
  • We bought 200 ZIPPERS, yes, 200. And we keep receiving loads of cassette tapes (thanx family and friends!) So expect huge batches of new colorful wallets coming soon!
    Zippers and Tapes
  • "How much time of your life Calculator" - We have a limited time in life. In our society, we need money if we want to buy stuff, and we have to earn that money through our work.
    The "How much time of your life Calculator" is a simple app that will help you measure the cost of things not in money, that has no real value, but in time. The app tells you how many hours of your life do you have to give away working to pay for something that you want to buy, based on its price and how much money do you make an hour. Then you can see if it's worth it or not, if you are willing to exchange your time for that or not. A little downside is that it won't work if you don't have a traditional, fixed wage job…
    Here's a small preview, not nice yet but hey we made it work!

  • We've been hanging out in some graffitti spots in Berlin, like the free-cuvry or the old ice factory, and we found empty spray cans everywhere.
    Spraycans and Noozles
    Spraycan LampSpraycan Pencil Holder
  • Now there's a tag system in the blog
  • We started investing in some tools that will make our work easier, so far we got a bottle cutter, to make glasses and candle holders, and a Dremel machine to deal with the cassettes way faster.
    Kinkajou Bottlecutter and Dremel
  • We totally want to build an earthship. Here's a great documentary on YouTube
  • And finally, don't miss our latest products on sale :)
  • Pinboard AlarmBell for Bike Keychain

All the best,
~The ReFresh Team

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