cut postcards - about to be refreshed

So we decided to hand craft our own cards, using custom stamps and ink on the back of old postcards. 100% recycled and cost (nearly) zero! Here's how:

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Doodle No.18Doodle No.6Doodle No.34Doodle No.35Doodle No.9Doodle No.8Doodle No.33Doodle No.42Doodle No.30Doodle No.18Doodle No.10Doodle No.36Doodle No.3Doodle No.23Doodle No.1Doodle No.16Doodle No.39Doodle No.14Doodle No.34Doodle No.38Doodle No.10Doodle No.33Doodle No.25Doodle No.20Doodle No.40Doodle No.12Doodle No.40Doodle No.7Doodle No.34Doodle No.38Doodle No.24Doodle No.9Doodle No.41Doodle No.28Doodle No.4Doodle No.18Doodle No.37Doodle No.9Doodle No.18Doodle No.8Doodle No.41Doodle No.41Doodle No.2Doodle No.9
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