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This was an outdoor menu display found in an abandoned bar in Elsenstraße, Berlin. Repurposed into a pinboard, we preserved the original street art and stickers on it.
Comes with two hangers on the back and a keyhole + key that was intended to help remove the back cover, but turned out a bit useless in the end as it is easily done with bare hands. But why would anyone want to remove the cover? Well, we found out that it is possible to un-screw the decorative logos and, for example, customize them (see pic). There is also room for a lamp inside… you know! imagination is the limit.
Pins included.

Doodle No.1Doodle No.41Doodle No.22Doodle No.2Doodle No.33Doodle No.29Doodle No.1Doodle No.23Doodle No.42Doodle No.12Doodle No.31Doodle No.21Doodle No.3Doodle No.26Doodle No.8Doodle No.21Doodle No.28Doodle No.31Doodle No.34Doodle No.33Doodle No.3Doodle No.33Doodle No.41Doodle No.26Doodle No.31Doodle No.12Doodle No.30Doodle No.23Doodle No.20Doodle No.13Doodle No.38Doodle No.36Doodle No.34Doodle No.25Doodle No.32Doodle No.11Doodle No.29Doodle No.35Doodle No.38Doodle No.15Doodle No.8Doodle No.17Doodle No.24Doodle No.36
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